Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Random Things...

If you are a dedicated Facebooker, you are probably familiar with the 25 Random Things About Me.  I have truly enjoyed reading everyone's notes, and after I had been tagged a few times, I caved into doing my own.  I also thought it would be interesting to do one for Michael as well...

1. I have an obsession with trashy TV, and that obsession has recently increased due to Michael allowing me to have a DVR.

2. Meat weirds me out. I cannot eat any packaged meat such as tuna, hot dogs, etc. I also don't do well with meat "on the bone" makes me very sick!!! I just prefer to cook my own meat. Therefore, at a restaurant I usually stick with shrimp, fillet, etc. or just veggies because once I get a piece of fat or gristle, I AM DONE!!!!

3. I married my high school sweetheart, and he is the most wonderful man in the entire universe. Words cannot express how much I love him!!

4. I am an only child and only grandchild on both my mother and father's side...SPOILED!!!

5. I have a English Bulldog named Winston who I love with all my heart!!! He is my newest obsession.

6. I have an unhealthy fear of losing my husband at a young age. I want us to die around 75, together, in our Buick Lesabre...probably not God's plan, but don't worry...I have put the idea in his head.

7. I am good with babies. I guess that's why I work where I do, but I get annoyed when people try to pressure me into having one!

8. I have plans to go back to school, but I am struggling with what to do?!?!?!

9. I love to entertain and I love to cook, but I am married to a very picky eater, so that makes things difficult.

10. According to my husband, I do very good impressions of people. Just ask me...I probably have one of you! :)

11. I am obsessive about my house being clean. If it ever smells like Winston, you have permission to tell me.

12. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday, and I cannot wait to decorate for it again.  I just took my last Christmas tree down last week...I got a little too attached!!!

13. I love to work in the yard. If you knew me from the age of 0 - 20 this is probably a shocker for you!!!

14. I work the night shift, and it makes me sad when I pass my Michael in the entrance of the subdivision.

15. I love cupckaes. They are my absolute favorite thing to eat...why am I doing a low-carb diet again???

16. I have learned that it is way better to have a few close friends. They are like my family, and I could not live my life without them.

17. I want a convertible soon so Winston and me can go riding.

18. I love to decorate my house. On my days off, I "push things around".

19. I love weddings, and my dream job would be a full time wedding planner.

20. I love to travel. I want to go back to London and New York. I also want to go to the following places: California, Disney World, Venice, Paris, Charleston, Maine...very random list, I know!

21. I have this secret desire to have a PhD.

22. I want 4, #21 probably won't happen.

23. My New Year's resolutions were to not complain and not talk about people. I have not succeeded thus far.

24. I am very observant of other people, and I notice quirks very fast. This is why it is so hard for me to not comment about people, but I am REALLY TRYING!!!

25. I love to get mail...not bills, but like cards and invitations!!!

1.  Michael is slightly obsessed with his hair.  He spends LOTS of time in the shower washing it, and even more time drying and brushing.

2.  Michael loves to sneak away with my phone and read my text messages, but he deletes all of his so that I can't do the same.

3.  He is such a picky eater.  My nightly menu usualy consists of:  red meat, green beans, macaroni and cheese/hashbrown casserole/twice baked potatoes, and dessert.  I know, I know...the healthiest menu you've seen yet.

4.  Michael watches the strangest TV shows...Monk, Psych, Burn Notice.  He has not realized that if it comes on USA, it's probabably not the best of shows.

5.  I can get ready twice before he is out of the shower.

6.  When he helps me clean the house, he will start 50 small jobs and rotate doing all of them...ALL DAY LONG!!!

7.  When he is talking on the phone, he cannot do ANYTHING but talk on the cell phone.  Major one track mind!!

8.  He loves Winston more than I ever thought he would.

9.  He is very meticulous about his morning routine, and he gets very upset if you try to rush him.

10.  He plays with his "beard connectors" way too much.  He knows that it irritates me, but he does it anyway...especially if he is talking on the phone.

11.  He loves to read, but struggles to finish a book before he finds another one that he is more interested in.

12.  The depth of his common knowledge is MUCH deeper than the average person.

13.  Most people don't realize how funny he is until you read his blog.

14.  He gets a kick out of using big words that no one else understands, and when you ask him what the large word means, he looks at you like you like the word was as simple as "a", "an", and "the".

15.  He loves to dress up for work.  He has to do this almost every day with his new job, and he doesn't think I notice him doing his model walk across the house before he goes out the door.

16.  He is very particular about our grass.  He won't let me cut the grass because I "don't go in the right pattern", nor do I "cut in a straight line".

17.  He rinses his toothbrush under hot water for a long period of time before he brushes his teeth.

18.  He LOVES Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls and Fudge Rounds.

19.  He picks up all of Winsty's "poop piles" in the back yard so it won't kill the grass.

20.  He thinks macaroni and cheese is a vegatable.

21.  His toes are so short that they almost appear webbed together, and he has no pinky toenail.

22.  when he is stressed, he paces around the island in our kitchen.

23.  He often gets caught singing gospel songs to Winston.

24.  I can order for him at any resturant in the Metro-Jackson area...and I usually do order for him because he gets stressed if he cannot see multiple seating options and paces until he finds us a place to sit.

25.  He is very protective of me.  If you want to make this laid back, mild mannered man mad...just upset me :)


cindy jo said...

#26 - He is one of the coolest guys I know!

Randi said...

hey jamie,
i love reading your blog, and of course michael's i check both of them everyday. anyway wanted you to know i have one to. the address is

Hope ya'll are doing well.

Alyson said...

Hi Jamie!
This was SO cute!
I loved reading yours on fb and was cracking up reading this blog.

Sarah Denley said...

I am going to steal your idea and do one about me and one about Peyton. Also, I think I should see you sometime before April 8th. I look and feel like I'm going to pop any day now. We need to do something soon! Our friend group needs an excuse to do something. Who has a b-day coming up?