Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I have insomnia...he's just crazy...

I love my husband so very much, but I must say that trying to sleep next to him and obtain a restful night of sleep is nearly impossible.  

Let me paint a picture of what it's like.  Hang with me...When I was in nuring school, I did a rotation through the Mississippi State Hospital, formerly known as Whitfield.  I was placed in the all-male schizophrenia unit.  I will let you guess how much I enjoyed that!  Anyway, one of the nurses that worked in that unit spent the majority of her day sleeping...let me rephrase that...I never saw her awake.  Anytime some crazy person (my former professors would DIE if they read that) would run through the halls (usually naked, being chased by some person they had imagined, or thinking they were on fire), the nurse, who looked something like this would yell, "You crazy fools don't stop runnin' in here naked, yelling, and waking me up, I gone have to quit this place!!!"  
I won't even go into explaining my concerns behind her, but I can totally relate to how she feels when she is trying to get her beauty rest.  Not that Michael is running through the house naked (although he would probably like for you to think that he does...seems like something he would say), but he sure does manage to keep me awake at night.
Last night, around 1:00 am, Michael was asleep, and I was lying in the bed watching TV.  All of a sudden Michael jumps and looks over at me with a look that can only be compared to when you dump water on a baby's head in the bathtub...you know that panicked look.  He starts brushing his pillow off saying there was a spider on his pillow.  I HATE a spider, so I jumped out of the bed and ran over to his side.  I was asking some qustions about the spider, and he looks at me with this very angry look and says, "It ain't no spider, it's just a spidey lookin' thang".  He said that phrase at least 5 times before I could get back to my side of the bed.  Now do you see what may contribute to my insomnia?!?!
He has also been known to do the following while sleeping:
* jump out of the bed gasping and snorting because he "stopped breathing"????
* sit straight up and yell, "Winston is still outside!!!!!!!!!!!!" (We have a fear of leaving him outside)
* hold his arm up in the air just long enough for you to realize what it is and then drop it directly on your face.
* Sit up and yell, "Get than bird cage out of here!!!!!!!!!"

I am about to start yelling...You crazy fool don't stop runnin' in here naked, yelling, and waking me up, I gone have to quit this place!!! 

Off to give Winston a bath...pray for me :)


Brittany said...

Haha! I just died out laughing when I read this..I can so see it happening & you not being able to go back to sleep after a "spidey" thing! I hope you get to feeling better and get some beauty rest! Not that you need any because you are already beautiful! :)

Michael said...

I'm telling you...it was a spidey looking thing!

Randi said...

ok, i read this and just died out laughing, cause i can so see mike doing this. happy anniversary, love ya'll