Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our Baby is Getting BIG!!!!

Our Winston has recovered from his surgery without any complications, and is back to normal. We haven't noticed any hormonal related behavioral changes (to put it nicely), but the vet said it would take 2-3 weeks for us to see any results. I was organizing my pictures on my computer, and came across tons of Winston. I didn't realize how much he has grown in just 3 months...

Notice that he STILL has no bed. Poor baby....he had to recover from surgery laying on the FLOOR! He is so precious! Couldn't imagine what I would do without him!!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

BAD DOG!!!!!

Poor Winston has probably been rather chilly the past few nights due to the fact that he destroyed his warm bed.  It really breaks my heart that he has been sleeping on a towel and the cold floor at night, but Michael says that's the only way he will learn.  Poor Winsty...maybe Santa will bring him a new bed!!!!

NYC Pictures

I apologize for the delay in our NYC pictures.  I am having trouble locating my camera charger so that I can download the pictures.  I will post them ASAP!!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well, I thought this day would never come, but nothing thrills my soul more than to say that after 11pm tonight, I will officially be on VACATION!!!!!!!!! Michael and I are flying out for New York early in the morning for a much needed get-away. We have lots of things we want to do while there, but we haven't nailed down any specifics...our goal (according to Michael) is to "take it easy" and "go with the flow"...which translates into "I can't make a decision, and I lack the ability to effectively plan things". I wonder which parent he gets this talent from??????
Anywhoo...This idea is not conducive to my personality, but I will work very hard to fly by the seat of my pants this week.

There are a few events occurring while we are there that I think are necessary to truly experience NYC, and lets just say that Michael is less than thrilled that we will be attending these. I will post pictures of him attending these less than masculine events. Should be an experience.

1. Radio City Rocketts Christmas Spectacular
2. The Little Mermaid on Broadway
3. The lighting of the Rockefeller Christmas tree
4. Mary Poppins on Broadway
5. Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center
6. Drinking hot chocolate at Serendipity

Off to pack and get ready for a quick 4 hours at work!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Very Grateful...

It is 4:10 in the morning, and I am (for once) so excited to be awake. Since I have been working nights, I have found that to sleep through the night on my days off is nearly impossible. Michael wakes up and finds me on the computer, cleaning house, watching TV, or cleaning my closet (my personal favorite thing to do at 2am). But this morning is different...I am actually excited that I woke up early.
When I woke up this morning, I didn't feel the sense of frustration that I usually do, nor did I feel my mind racing to try to find something productive to do, but instead I caught myself laying there counting Michael's breaths. Sounds weird at first, but let me explain. With me going to work at 6:20 almost every night, my quality time with Michael has been cut way short. We often pass each other at the entrance of our subdivision. I have really, really, REALLY struggled with this, but through lots of tears, prayer and support from Michael, I have finally been able to see God's perfect plan. I was so happy to be awake this morning because it allowed me to spend time with my Lord truly thanking him for my Michael.
How often I let many days go by and never stop to appreciate how blessed I am. Michael is truly the most wonderful husband. When I tell people what he does to help make my life easier, their mouths drop to the floor.
Let me make a list:
1. Michael does all of the laundry. I cannot tell you the last time I turned the washer on, folded clothes, put away towels, etc. To top it off, he washes all of my scrubs (on the sanitary cycle) and has them folded in my closet so that I can quickly grab a set on my way out the door.
2. He does all of the ironing.
3. He handles all of the finances. I never see a bill. I have no clue what our average water bill, electricity bill, etc. Most of you may think this is a bad thing, but at this time in my life, it is exactly what I need.
4. He does all of the yard work, and if you know me, you know I DESPISE yard work!
5. He rarely tells me no. I am an only child, therefore I do not cope well with that word.
6. He allows me to have a maid, and when the maid can't come, he gladly does her job.

The list just goes on and on. Basically my only responsibility is to work, handle all of the gift buying (he is pretty bad at remembering birthdays, etc. and buying good gifts), and anything to do with the kitchen such as grocery shopping and cooking.
So this morning, while I was lying in bed counting Michael's breaths, playing with his hair, and looking at his sweet face, I finally became aware of God's preparations that He made long ago for our present situation, and there is only one way to describe my emotions: undeserving, but finally truly grateful.

Heavenly Father, thank you so much for my Michael, and what he means to me. You knew long ago how much he would impact my life, and I am so glad that he is mine. Thank you for always knowing what is best. Please never let me take another day for granted with him. Thank you for allowing me to finally find peace and truly appreciating how omniscient you really are.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Long Time, No Blogging...

I must has been a while since I have posted, and my friends John and Amanda have not let me forget it!!  I have had a very busy couple of weeks with work and life.  I have to remind Michael quite frequently that while some people are sitting at a desk all day in front of a computer with the blogosphere at their fingertips, others of us are saving lives and don't always have time for blogging!!  I am only kidding...I love my husband, and I love reading his blogs.  I am about to head to work for the night, but I thought I would leave you with some pictures that my friend Kelly took of the Ford gang...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Winston is Feelin' GOOD!!!

This is mine and Michael's favorite time of year, and we have recently discovered that it is Winston's as well.  Winston's day usually consists of waking up in the morning, eating, taking a nap until lunch, going outside (only long enough to "do his business"), going back to sleep, waking up when Michael gets home from work only to eat, sit in Michael's lap, go outside again, and take another nap before going to bed.  Needless to say, he sleeps A LOT, and is usually not up for much playng...until recently!!  Now, he loves to go outside, run around the yard, roll in the flower beds and cover himself in mulch, and play with the blue flags.  Let me explain the blue flags...we are in the process of getting a fence for our backyard, and when the man came to measure, he precisely placed these blue flags around our yard to mark where the fence would go.  Well, I hate to tell him, but he is in for a rude awakening because Winston has managed to attack every blue flag in our yard.  I have done my best to put them back where they came from, but it's not easy when Winston just brings a pile and puts them by the back door.  I tried to capture an attack on video...I am sorry if you throw up while watching:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whew...I am EXHAUSTED!!!!

Well, Michael and I had a really fun weekend in Bossier City, and I think we laughed from the time we left our house until we got home. I saw no one under the age of 60 there but us, and everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. I am not sure if it was our age or the fact that Michael looked like a kid on Christmas morning for the entire concert! If you were with us, you may have heard these "old people" jokes come out of my mouth :
* There's more people here on wheels than on foot!
* The line for the elevator is longer than the line for food.
* I think we are the only people not wearing SAS shoes or solid black Rockports!
* EWWW!!! What was that smell?? Someone should check their Depends!
* The parking lot looks a lot like the Fowler Buick dealership!

We came home on Saturday just in time to pick Winston up at the vet, and if you were with us at the vet, you may have heard these things:
* "He's as healthy as a horse!"
* "He tried to have a weekend rendezvous, but his girlfriend bit him on the lip."
* "Y'all should name him Tank...did y'all know he weighs 26 pounds at 12 weeks??"
* "Your total is $363.0o0, and we didn't charge you for the boarding, Mrs. Ford."
Michael and I will not be available to eat dinner with anyone for the next few weeks (or years)...we will be living off of peanut butter, bread, and water due to the vet bill, but boy am I glad they were nice enough to not charge us the $18.00 for boarding...we may not have been able to even buy peanut butter!!!

Saturday afternoon, we attended the MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding, ate at Bonsai afterward, and spent the rest of the night at Fannin Lanes where I kicked Michael's butt!!

Sunday, Michael went to church (sorry, but I had to sleep sometime!), we ate lunch, then attended another beautiful wedding. After the wedding, Michael's friend Jason (we really love him!) stopped by our house for pizza and a good visit!

I worked Monday and Tuesday night in the NICU, and saw some amazing things and learned a lot! Unfortunately, I would be crucified by HIPPA if I shared any of that with you.

Last night, Winston and I went to visit Pops and Meme's. They were having some digital camera/computer issues, and they are quite incompetent about those things. Winston just LOVES his Pops and Meme, and they spoil him ROTTEN!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend Preview

I know it's only Wednesday, but I have a busy few days ahead of me.  Won't be much time for blogging...or sleeping for that matter!

Tonight, Michael and I will take part in the Ford Family Fellowship at his parent's house. Then, I will go to work at 7pm and get off at 7:30am tomorrow.  
Thursday morning, I will meet my friend, Amie, in my driveway at 8am and we will head to the Canton Flea Market. Michael is not happy that I am going shopping instead of sleeping, but he doesnt't understand the effects of retail therapy.  Michael will be taking Winston to the vet Thursday morning to get his shots and toenails clipped, and he will be spending the weekend there (I am very sad about this, but you will see why later).  I will go back to work at 7pm Thursday night, and I hope that I can work in just a couple hours of sleep?!?!?! Who knows!
When I get off Friday morning, Michael and I will head to Bossier City, LA for a Gaither Concert, and if you know me, you know that I AM PUMPED!!  (HA, NOT!!)  We will catch a little shut-eye at the Hampton Inn in Bossier before heading back home to pick up Winston by 12 noon Saturday morning, and attending 2 weddings.

WHEW!!  Now you may see why I won't have much time for blogging!!  I will be back next week with pictures from our trip to The Mississippi State Fair, Canton Flea Market, Gaither concert, and anything else interesting that may happen before Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Winston Update

Winston is mine and Michael's new favorite thing.  He is so mellow and sweet, and we have loved every minute of him!!  Here are a few recent pictures...he is getting so big, so fast.  He has gained over 10 pounds already!!!

This is my attempt at a "Fall" picture!  This was approximately take #90 due to the fact that he was way more interested in trying to eat the pumpkins!

He was being very quiet so I decided to go looking for him, and this is what I found.  I think he may be getting the idea of going OUTSIDE!!!!

Sitting with Michael in his favorite spot!!!

Waiting on Michael to get home from work...he LOVES to sit in the chair with Michael because he gets his belly scratched the entire time!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Wonderful Saturday Together...

Well, I guess me making fun of Michael for being sick has come back to bite me in the butt!!!  I am laying in the bed with a pile of "used" tissues on the floor, a rather raw nose, cough, a fever that has managed to peak at 102, a sick husband beside me, a dog who is wimpering in his cage because he has had no attention, and a house that is getting slightly out of control in the cluuter department!

So, here it goes (cue the soft, "I'm sorry" music).  Michael, I am very sorry for making fun of you while you were ill, and I will work on being a better nurse as well as being more sympathetic.  Ok, enought of that being nice stuff!

Since we were both ill, I decided that we may need to head to the doctor.  If not, we would probably just pass these "cooties" back and forth.  So, we spent our Saturday at this place with this man. He fixed us up with a Decadron shot, Z-pack, and decongestant.  Thanks Dr. Whitton for bringing us back to health fast and saving our marriage.  You know 2 sick adults with a puppy who is being house trained can lead to some pretty heated debates on who's turn it is to "go potty outside"!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Love This Video

Most of you probably know that there are certain members of my family who could be categorized as a Die Hard Rebel Fan. Although, I do not fall into that category, I thought this video was neat...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

House Training

I am beyond frustrated with Winston. He has made great strides with only using the bathroom outside...until yesterday! Yesterday morning he pooped (alot!) under the kitchen table, after we had just taken him outside, with Michael and I standing RIGHT THERE!!! I have been home all day today, and I have taken him out multiple times. I just walked into the living room and my POOPdar alerted me...the smell of poop was in the air. I go to Winston's crate (in which he has never had an accident in!) and he has pooped and peed!!!!!!! UGHHH!!! How long will this take??? PLEASE HELP!!!

Nursing Diagnosis: Caregiver Role Strain

Although I love my job, and I love being a nurse, I like to leave my work at work. Well, that hasn't happened this week. Michael is sick, and if you asked him, he would tell you that this is the worst cold he has EVER had. I have tried my hardest to provide compassionate care to the love of my life, but to be honest...I AM SO OVER IT!!! I am accustomed to providing care for babies. Newborn babies cry, but only when something is actually wrong with them, and they can usually be calmed with a few simple interventions: a bottle, diaper change, or pacifier. Last night, he was running fever and complaining like crazy so I decided that I needed therapy QUICK! I convinced him that I was going to do something nice for him (wink, wink), and after a long drive around town with the sunroof back, windows down, and radio up really loud, I went to McAlister's and got him a bowl of his favorite potato soup, a piece of chocolate spoon cake, and a sweet tea. I delivered this meal to him in bed on a TV tray accompanied by decongestants and ibuprofen...he never realized that I was drugging him!!! I listened to him moan and groan about how awful he felt, and I did everything I could to make him feel better, but I must say that the highlight of my week was when I pulled the thermometer out of his mouth this morning and it said 97.5!!!!! YES!!!!! He is going to work, and won't be staying home with me!!
I don't want anyone to think that I don't love my husband...I love him SO VERY MUCH, but I, too, am suffering from an illness. I am experiencing a diagnosis that I learned about in nursing school: caregiver role strain. The symptoms include exhaustion, anger, irritability, and lack of sympathy and are usually induced by the man in your life being sick! Some sinple interventions that can help to treat this diagnosis include:
1. a day by yourself without the ill person.
2. a trip to White House Black Market, TJ Max, and Marshalls with the ill person's debit card.
3. a Sonic Route44 Diet Coke
So, to the women are reading this, next time you find yourself providing care for the man in your life who is about to die because he has a simple cold, try the interventions listed above. I promise they will satisfy!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Review

I am sad to say that this past weekend went by way too fast for me!! This week will be what I call my "long week" where I will work slightly over 60 hours...BOO FOR THAT!!
On Friday, we were suppose to eat here with our friends John and Amie, but unfortunately Michael had to work late. So, I decided that I would catch up on some desperately missed Z's, and we ended up at this place around 10 that night. What a waste of a good Friday night!!
If you read my previous post, you know that I woke up around 3 AM on Saturday (possibly due to Michael's snoring, and me sleeping until approximately 9 PM on Friday). I went with my mom, one of her "golfing lady friends," and my good friend Brittany to a place in Monroe, LA called Paul Michael's. This place has the most fabulous home "stuff"...especially Christmas! We had mom's car packed to the brim with Christmas decor...what a fun day!! After returning from our day trip, I spent the rest of the night with my two favorite people..Michael and Winston.
After church on Sunday, we ate with Michael's parents at this place...if you have never been here, you must go and try their quesadillas and sweet potato fries...they are wonderful!!!! We then spent the rest of the afternoon being lazy and watching a little football.
A very uneventful weekend that seemed to evaporate before my eyes. I am really hoping that this next week will go by fast...we shall see.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Suffering From Insomnia...

Lately, I have found myself being wide awake at all hours of the night. For example, last night, I was bright, chipper, and ready to start my day at 3 AM. So, I got up, cleaned out my closet, baked a pound cake for Michael, gave Winston a bath, swept off the back patio, and put a roast in the crockpot. Now some of you, like my mother, may be thinking that this night shift thing is causing this insomnia, and although I think it may contribute, I don't believe it is the main cause. So what is the main cause??? One word...MICHAEL!! You probably won't believe me when I say this, but this skinny white boy can rattle the windows during his sleep...thus causing my insomnia. He is also responsible for saying the most hilarious things during his sleep. Here are a couple incidents that I can remember...

Last night, while my precious angel was resting and snoring, I decided to try to arouse him, allow him to change positions, and hopefully he would stop long enough for me to fall back asleep. That didn't happen as evidenced my long list of accomplishments before dawn. Instead, he rolled over on top of me, looked me straight in the eyes, and stated, "It's OK, Babes...nobody's snoring, just go put the clothes in the dryer, and you will be just fine." He then rolled over and went right back to snoring. HA! What?

Once, I woke up I realized that something dark was floating above my head. If you know me well, you know that I am very blind, and all I could see was this dark blob. Little did I know that it was Michael's arm. He was asleep with his arm straight up in the air. Before I could arouse enough to realize that this fell into the "not normal" category, he dropped his arm and I took an elbow blow to the cheek...again resulting in a case of insomnia.
So, the next time you are awake before daylight...don't feel alone! I am probably up with you, baking a pound cake!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today is See You At The Pole (SYATP). This event serves as a time of prayer, meditation, and bible study that takes place every year at schools across the country. SYATP is just one of the MANY memories that I have from my junior high and high school years. I have recently gotten involved in teaching youth Sunday School, and this has brought back a flood of memories from when I was in the youth group. It has also made me realize that I will not birth any children, but rather adopt a few that are beyond the age of 18! But I digress..What a wonderful time of my life, being in the youth group. I established a solid foundation for my faith to grow on, I made friends that will last a lifetime, and I met my spouse. Although it seems like I just graduated from high school, it has really been almost 5 years! WOW how time flies when you are an adult.
I am about to sound alot like my grandmother, Ruth, but I am amazed at how things have changed since I was a youth. The most pressing thing that I had to worry about when I was in the youth group was where we were going for Student Life? Would our fearless youth leader order Little Caesar's or would we have Wooten's very own cafeteria-style pizza? Would Michael speak to me? Did he like me? Did he like what I was wearing? Did he like someone else? I know, I know, I spent a lot of time focusing on Michael during my youth, but hey, it worked out for me!
I have recently realized that our youth today are bombarded with many issues that are far more pressing than those mentioned above. I teach 7th and 8th grade girls, and I struggle to hide my facial expressions at times. When I hear them discussing their family situation, specific drugs that they hear about at school, specific types of alcohol, friends being pregnant, dating guys 5+ years older than they are, pressure from parents that they MUST be in the "gifted" classes (I won't get on that soapbox today) I wonder how in the world they make it to graduation. I wish so badly that I could get them to see that all of these worldly things mean nothing, but I don't see that happening. So, I will continue to thank God that I grew up in a church, and was blessed to be involved and greatly influenced by my youth group, as well as try to divert my girl's attention from the things mentioned above, and to direct it towards God and all of His goodness as well as the simpler things in life, like pizza!

P.S. My hat goes off to Neil...and yours should too!

My Favorite Things in Life

In order to understand my future posts, you need to know my passions and loves...and meet a few people! So, here is my top 10 list!

#1: My Husband, Michael

#2: Winston, Our English Bulldog:

#3: The children in my life:

Our niece and nephew, Kelli and Matthew

Our cousins, Caleb and Collin

...and their sister, Baby Claire

#4: Our Family

My sisters, Pam and Cindy

(For the rest of our family, don't get offended...I just didn't have a picture of you!)

#5: Our Friends:

Amie and John Murphy

My Bestie, Brittany

Lacy, Me, and Brittany

(I am missing a few pictures of friends, as well...I will work on that, too!)

#6: Diet Coke:

#7: Birthday Cake

#8: White House Black Market

#9: Christmas

#10: Weddings
(I know, I know, I have already had mine, but I still LOVE them!!!)

My Blog Debut:'s official. I am entering the world of blogging. After my husband, Michael, started The Ford Retort, I quickly became addicted to reading people's blogs. What a great way to keep up with what is going on in the lives of our friends. As many of you probably know, Michael and I have been through LOTS of major life changes recently. Some of those include: my final year of nursing school (which is enough to make anyone jump off of a really TALL building!), an engagement, Michael graduating and entering the full-time job arena, a wedding, moving into an apartment, me graduating and starting a new job, buying a house, buying a puppy, Michael recently changing jobs, and if that wasn't enough, I decided that I should work the night shift. This has all happened in the last year. It is definitely enough to make anyone go INSANE!
My hope is that this blog will give you a glimpse of what our life is like, but I am afraid that it will only reveal how crazy we really are. If it can make you laugh every-now-and-then, I guess it has been worthwhile. So, please visit frequently (as I hope to be a more reliable blogger than Michael) and feel free to leave your comments...

P.S. The above picture is of my my two most favorite men, Michael and Winston!!!!!