Thursday, October 16, 2008

Whew...I am EXHAUSTED!!!!

Well, Michael and I had a really fun weekend in Bossier City, and I think we laughed from the time we left our house until we got home. I saw no one under the age of 60 there but us, and everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. I am not sure if it was our age or the fact that Michael looked like a kid on Christmas morning for the entire concert! If you were with us, you may have heard these "old people" jokes come out of my mouth :
* There's more people here on wheels than on foot!
* The line for the elevator is longer than the line for food.
* I think we are the only people not wearing SAS shoes or solid black Rockports!
* EWWW!!! What was that smell?? Someone should check their Depends!
* The parking lot looks a lot like the Fowler Buick dealership!

We came home on Saturday just in time to pick Winston up at the vet, and if you were with us at the vet, you may have heard these things:
* "He's as healthy as a horse!"
* "He tried to have a weekend rendezvous, but his girlfriend bit him on the lip."
* "Y'all should name him Tank...did y'all know he weighs 26 pounds at 12 weeks??"
* "Your total is $363.0o0, and we didn't charge you for the boarding, Mrs. Ford."
Michael and I will not be available to eat dinner with anyone for the next few weeks (or years)...we will be living off of peanut butter, bread, and water due to the vet bill, but boy am I glad they were nice enough to not charge us the $18.00 for boarding...we may not have been able to even buy peanut butter!!!

Saturday afternoon, we attended the MOST BEAUTIFUL wedding, ate at Bonsai afterward, and spent the rest of the night at Fannin Lanes where I kicked Michael's butt!!

Sunday, Michael went to church (sorry, but I had to sleep sometime!), we ate lunch, then attended another beautiful wedding. After the wedding, Michael's friend Jason (we really love him!) stopped by our house for pizza and a good visit!

I worked Monday and Tuesday night in the NICU, and saw some amazing things and learned a lot! Unfortunately, I would be crucified by HIPPA if I shared any of that with you.

Last night, Winston and I went to visit Pops and Meme's. They were having some digital camera/computer issues, and they are quite incompetent about those things. Winston just LOVES his Pops and Meme, and they spoil him ROTTEN!!


Alyson Hughes said...

Hi Jamie!!
I read Michael's blog and only ONE thing was missing about ya'lls weekend... The part about you beating his tail at bowling!!
Uh huh!