Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Wonderful Saturday Together...

Well, I guess me making fun of Michael for being sick has come back to bite me in the butt!!!  I am laying in the bed with a pile of "used" tissues on the floor, a rather raw nose, cough, a fever that has managed to peak at 102, a sick husband beside me, a dog who is wimpering in his cage because he has had no attention, and a house that is getting slightly out of control in the cluuter department!

So, here it goes (cue the soft, "I'm sorry" music).  Michael, I am very sorry for making fun of you while you were ill, and I will work on being a better nurse as well as being more sympathetic.  Ok, enought of that being nice stuff!

Since we were both ill, I decided that we may need to head to the doctor.  If not, we would probably just pass these "cooties" back and forth.  So, we spent our Saturday at this place with this man. He fixed us up with a Decadron shot, Z-pack, and decongestant.  Thanks Dr. Whitton for bringing us back to health fast and saving our marriage.  You know 2 sick adults with a puppy who is being house trained can lead to some pretty heated debates on who's turn it is to "go potty outside"!!