Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Winston is Feelin' GOOD!!!

This is mine and Michael's favorite time of year, and we have recently discovered that it is Winston's as well.  Winston's day usually consists of waking up in the morning, eating, taking a nap until lunch, going outside (only long enough to "do his business"), going back to sleep, waking up when Michael gets home from work only to eat, sit in Michael's lap, go outside again, and take another nap before going to bed.  Needless to say, he sleeps A LOT, and is usually not up for much playng...until recently!!  Now, he loves to go outside, run around the yard, roll in the flower beds and cover himself in mulch, and play with the blue flags.  Let me explain the blue flags...we are in the process of getting a fence for our backyard, and when the man came to measure, he precisely placed these blue flags around our yard to mark where the fence would go.  Well, I hate to tell him, but he is in for a rude awakening because Winston has managed to attack every blue flag in our yard.  I have done my best to put them back where they came from, but it's not easy when Winston just brings a pile and puts them by the back door.  I tried to capture an attack on video...I am sorry if you throw up while watching:


cindy jo said...

Aunt Cindy, Uncle Rusty and the boys would like to meet Winston!!!

Valerie Davis said...

jamie!!! omg!! so didnt know you had a blog!! love it!! and i'm so pumped we can keep up with each other now!!! i'm adding you to my blogroll!!! get pumped up!!!