Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lilly is 9 Months Old...

Sweet Lillybug...

You are NINE months old, now! UNBELIEVABLE. Here's what you've been up to this month...

We took you on your first vacation! We went with Sir and Say to the beach to relax and do some shopping. You blew me away with how well you did! You slept great in your pack and play, and you were SO happy the entire time we were gone. You got REALLY good at waving and saying, "bye bye" with Sir and Say. Every morning when we would come out of our room into the living room, you would start waving in anticipation that Sir and Say would be out there waiting on you! I can't wait for the day to come when you can truly grasp how much your family loves you, Lilly. Mommy and Daddy are so grateful that you have them in your life. Here's a few pictures from the beach...

you started doing this while we were at the beach, and have continued it ever since. Now you love when Chaucer joins in on the fun!

I have started telling you, "no" this month. For the most part you've done well, but sometimes you think we are playing a game. Here's the usual response I get when I tell you, "no"! Really, Lilly? How am I supposed to keep a straight face?

Those eyes just melt my heart :)

You are crawling everywhere, now. You can also bring yourself from a belly-lying position to a sitting position. It's a lot of work, and you grunt (and toot) a lot, but when you finally sit up, you are ecstatic :)

Having breakfast with Sir...

You started table food this month, and so far, you haven't been much of a fan. I have noticed in the last few days that you are eating a little more though, so I'm as worried as I was! I DO NOT want you to be a picky eater like Daddy :) You still eat baby food, milk, diluted juice, puffs, and yogurt melts like crazy!!

You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving! You were so sweet, and you really enjoyed going to everybody's house! I have been really impressed with how you will let anyone hold you and love on you. You really are laid back like your Daddy!

I can't wait until you are old enough to take part in the annual Day After Thanksgiving Shopping Spree Where You Just May Wet Your Pants Because You're Laughing So Hard with Aunt Cindy, Aunt Pam, Kelli, Mommy, Meme, and Granny

I have LOVED every bit of this month, Lilly. This may be my favorite stage with you so far. I miss the days when you wore those soft, sweet gowns and we spent all hours of the night eating, snuggling, and talking, but watching your little personality bloom recently has been the greatest joy to my life. You will never know how many times you've made Daddy and me laugh. You smile constantly, laugh out loud, say "mama", "dada", and "bye bye" constantly, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, November 21, 2011

50 Free Cards from Tiny Prints...

I have always been a huge fan of Tiny Prints . It's where we order our Christmas cards, invitations for parties, and our sweet Lilly Blair's birth announcement was from there. All of their stuff is so professional and high quality. I've never once had an issue in doing business with them!

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Can't wait to see everyone's cards this year :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lilly is 8 Months Old...

Better late than never!!

You are EIGHT months old now! WOW this first year is going by entirely too fast!

Your Pops and Meme bought you a wagon this month, and you have LOVED riding in it!

Your sweet little personality has really started to shine, and we've decided that you are a very laid back baby!

You still go to bed around 6:30 every night and sleep until around 7:00 in the morning. I have started to realize how little time I have left in the "baby" stage, so sometimes I go into your nursery around 10:00 at night and just rock you, love on you, and pray for you. It's become my new favorite thing to do. You are the BEST snuggle buddy. I hope you let me rock you FOREVER :)

You tried puffs for the first time this month, and you did not know what to think. You made the funniest expressions.

You also had your first taste of meat this month, and you HATED it! You were making all kinds of noises "fussing" at me!

This was your first Halloween, and we took you to the Parkway Trunk-or-Treat. You had a blast, and you loved wearing your cupcake costume.

You ate cotton candy for the first time, and you LOVED it! I'm thinking you are going to have a sweet tooth like Daddy :)

You loved all of your friends riding in your wagon!

You are getting to be a BIG girl! You wear mostly 12 and 18 month clothes and a size 3 diaper. You weigh a little over 20 pounds and are VERY long!

You love saying Dada, Bye Bye, and (occasionally) Mama!

You met your cousin, Emmitt, this month. You didn't just love him, which surprised me because he is much smaller than Chaucer. I think he just moves faster and it scares you!

You love to play "office" with all of Daddy's papers in his office.

You are so precious, Lilly. Daddy and I have smiled more than we ever thought was possible in these last eight months. You bring so much joy to our lives, and we look forward to what you will do next month! We love you SO MUCH!
Mommy :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Lilly is 7 Months Old...

You are 7 months old, now! Here's what you've been up to this month:

You are sitting up SO well! You can also scoot around on your belly, but I'm still thinking it will be a while before you are actually crawling.

You said your first word this month: Dada!!! You are babbling SO much now, and your squeals absolutely melt our heart. I just love it when you get excited about things and start squealing...it is so precious!

You also had your first day at "school" this month. You did great, but from what I hear you were REALLY excited to see Mamie when she picked you up! You stay at Mamie and B Bob's house every Wednesday night because Mommy has to work and Daddy has choir practice. You do so well at their house. I know they spoil you rotten, but we REALLY miss you!!!

You got a new "big girl" car seat this month, and you LOVE it! The first time I put you in it, you squealed the whole ride!

Your eating is still about the same. You eat baby food 3 times a day and have about three bottles a day.

You've started REALLY loving bath time.

You have definitely discovered your feet. Every show or sock I put on you, you manage to get off before we can get out of the house!

For the most part, you are a great sleeper, but you have been waking up at night for the last week or so. I'm thinking it's either teething or a growth spurt. Sometimes you will go back to sleep pretty quick, but other times you are starving and you want a bottle. You will also wake up and play in your crib for a while, talking and sputtering, and then you will just fall back asleep. Mommy and Daddy still consider ourselves EXTREMELY blessed in the sleep department!

You wore your first cardigan this month, and I think you looked ADORABLE!!

Daddy read you your first book and you were fascinated. I think you really enjoyed it!

I know I say this every month, Lilly, but I truly can't believe how fast you are growing up. It seems like just last week we brought you home from the hospital and just stared at you for hours not really believing that you were so perfect and that you were ours. You will never be able to comprehend how much Daddy and I love you and how obsessed we are with you. Every day, you have a new trick or sound you make that makes us smile! Your sweet, outgoing personality is beginning to shine, and Daddy and I are SO proud of you. You will never know how many times you've melted our hearts! We love you to the moon and back. Happy 7 months, sweet baby!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lilly is 6 Months Old...

Sweet Lilly...
I know I say this every month, but I truly can't believe you are 1/2 of a year old!!! The past 6 months have FLOWN by! Here's what you are up to now...

You can almost sit up on your own. I'm hoping in a few more weeks, you will have it mastered!

You made your first trip to see your Great Grandaddy and MawMaw in Port Gibson, MS. They are OBSESSED with you. So much so that they had ALL of their friends come by and meet you! We were celebrating Grandaddy's 84th birthday that day.

Your Nana and Paps were glad to see you, too!!

You wear a size 3 diaper and your clothes are anywhere from 6 to 12 months. You are a VERY long girl!
You are doing SO great eating your baby food. You eat apples, pears, bananas, sweet potatoes (still you r favorite), carrots, squash, and peas. You have recently started eating pear and apple oatmeal, apple and yogurt oatmeal, and peach and banana oatmeal for breakfast and you love those, too! You still get 3-4 bottles of Mommy's milk every day, but have also started drinking diluted white grape juice from your sippy cup!

Your hair is really starting to grow back. You came home from Mamie's house last week, and Mommy could NOT get over how thick your hair suddenly looked. This makes Mommy and Daddy really happy because Mommy can continue to buy bows, and Daddy can continue to style your hair every night when he puts on your pj's.
I can remember us both falling in love with your hair the minute we saw how much you had when you were born. You would lay on my chest as an infant and I would kiss your sweet, silky head of hair over and over again.

I've never told you about your's and Daddy's routine every night. He takes you into your room, changes your diaper, puts lotion on you, dresses you in your precious footed pajamas, and brushes your hair...all while y'all are carrying on the sweetest conversation. It is a routine that I hope will continue for a long time :)

You still sleep anywhere from 10 to 14 hours at night, but are a very random napper. Some days you will take 2 good long naps, some days you just take 1, some days you just cat nap...whatever is fine with me as long as you still sleep at night :)

It has gotten to be more of an effort to put you to bed. We still rock you, pray for you, and whisper to you, but after a certain amount of time we lay you down. Sometimes you go straight to sleep, and other times you fuss a little. This is a little odd for you, but you usually settle down in just a few minutes.

You have really been a Mommy's girl recently. I'm thinking you are going through a growth spurt because not only are you having some trouble putting yourself to sleep, but you are very clingy to me and you are eating a TON!!! Actually I'm a day late writing you your letter because you WOULD NOT let me put you down yesterday. Oh well, fine by me because I know when you are 13 and have a smart mouth, I'm going to wish that I could just sit and hold you all day. Actually, I'll sit and hold you at 13, after I spank you for talking back :)

You are still such a happy, laid back, easy going baby. I'm honestly scared of what your future siblings will be like because you have been SO easy!

Even though you are a Mommy's girl, you still know how to keep Daddy wrapped around your pinky finger!

Happy 6 months, sweet baby! You have been the greatest pleasure. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about how blessed Daddy and I are to have YOU. We never knew that we could love something SO MUCH, and we are so thankful that God chose US to be your parents!

Guess I better get to planning your birthday party, soon! It's going to be a BLOWOUT!!!

All my love,
1 month...

2 months...

3 months...

4 months...

5 months...

6 months...