Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Favorite Things in Life

In order to understand my future posts, you need to know my passions and loves...and meet a few people! So, here is my top 10 list!

#1: My Husband, Michael

#2: Winston, Our English Bulldog:

#3: The children in my life:

Our niece and nephew, Kelli and Matthew

Our cousins, Caleb and Collin

...and their sister, Baby Claire

#4: Our Family

My sisters, Pam and Cindy

(For the rest of our family, don't get offended...I just didn't have a picture of you!)

#5: Our Friends:

Amie and John Murphy

My Bestie, Brittany

Lacy, Me, and Brittany

(I am missing a few pictures of friends, as well...I will work on that, too!)

#6: Diet Coke:

#7: Birthday Cake

#8: White House Black Market

#9: Christmas

#10: Weddings
(I know, I know, I have already had mine, but I still LOVE them!!!)


Amy said...

Cute, Cute, Jamie!! I'll be visiting. I just love this blogging world. Also, I love the pictures of the kids. Claire's was really cute. I didn't know you were doing the night shift.

cindy jo said...

Glad to make the top 10!

kellsmom said...

Glad to see that I'm a favorite.