Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Blog Debut:'s official. I am entering the world of blogging. After my husband, Michael, started The Ford Retort, I quickly became addicted to reading people's blogs. What a great way to keep up with what is going on in the lives of our friends. As many of you probably know, Michael and I have been through LOTS of major life changes recently. Some of those include: my final year of nursing school (which is enough to make anyone jump off of a really TALL building!), an engagement, Michael graduating and entering the full-time job arena, a wedding, moving into an apartment, me graduating and starting a new job, buying a house, buying a puppy, Michael recently changing jobs, and if that wasn't enough, I decided that I should work the night shift. This has all happened in the last year. It is definitely enough to make anyone go INSANE!
My hope is that this blog will give you a glimpse of what our life is like, but I am afraid that it will only reveal how crazy we really are. If it can make you laugh every-now-and-then, I guess it has been worthwhile. So, please visit frequently (as I hope to be a more reliable blogger than Michael) and feel free to leave your comments...

P.S. The above picture is of my my two most favorite men, Michael and Winston!!!!!


Anonymous said...


I was hoping that you would influence Michael & he'd become more like you, but w/ you entering the blogging world I'm afraid that he may be pulling you down to his level. It will be nice to have a Ford blogging that will give factual accounts of events (and please don't have Mr. Snerdly as your blog advisor).