Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mac & Cheese is NOT a Vegetable...

If you walk into my house at any given time, you can pretty much bet that the TV that I am watching will either be on HGTV or Food Network. Michael gripes about this CONSTANTLY, but my two favorite pastimes are cooking and decorating! When Michael and I decided to get married, we both had a few requirements that we thought the other person MUST do. I have forgotten all of my requirements (I think one of them might have been that he do all of the yard work, but I now enjoy working in my yard, so he got lucky!), but one of Michael's was that I handle everything in the kitchen. No problem (I thought), because I LOVE to cook...until I realized just how picky my husband is about food. Below is a list of food that he will eat...

Red Meat (Steak, hamburgers, meatloaf, etc.)
Green Beans
Mac & Cheese
Pork Loin
Three Cheese Tortellini
Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls
Ice Cream
Chocolate Cake
Cheese Nips
On a side note...each night that I cook, I will ask Michael what vegetable(s) he would like to go with his piece of cow. He almost always says, "macaroni and cheese." Each time he says this (especially after getting his recent lab work back from the life insurance company) I have to go into my speech..."Michael, although mac & cheese is in the vegetable section at Picadilly, it does not grow out of the ground, and is therefore NOT a vegetable. What vegetable would you like?" So, the other night, I decided to surprise him (and Snerdly) with some homemade Mac & Cheese. Bless his heart (literally!!)

Back to my original point...So, after only a year and a half of marriage I am SO SICK of these foods. I feel like I eat at The Cracker Barrel every single night. As a matter of fact, I got very nauseated and my mouth started to water as I typed those foods. Maybe I should have clarified when we were discussing our pre-martial requirements that I enjoy cooking DIFFERENT things. I am at a loss for what to do, but I think I have decided that I am going to slowly try to broaden the horizon of his palette. He better hold on tight...this could get really ugly.


Sarah Denley said...

okay, i ate some "baked" mac and cheese at a restaurant one time and have since been trying to find the perfect homemade mac and cheese recipe. TELL ME YOURS, PLEASE! Email ( me or FB me as soon as you can. I'm serious; my mouth is watering!

Jenny said...

ok! I am the picky eater at our house.. Chris is always wanting something different, but he is always wanting me to cook it.. there in lies our problem.. I am no cook! I could eat the same thing everyday and dont get me started on Cracker Barrel! making my mouth water now.. haha.. I would also like your recipe for Mac and Cheese.. i am sure that is not what you were expecting to get out of this blog, but dont include such a beautiful picture next time then! :) (
Love the blog!

Michael said...

Last night, your chicken casserole was marvelous. Love you!

TerraD said...

OHHH, my husband is just like that. It can be quite frustrating cooking for him. Just wanted you to know I feel your pain. In twelve years together, I have only been able to get him to branch out a little bit. Oh well!

Alyson said...

Hi Jamie!!!
When Jeremy and I got married his list was SHORTER than that... I promise!! Now, he will eat LOTS of things! Hang in there! BUT get ready to hear Medow say, "Michael, you eat that?!?!?" Jerm's mom is ALWAYS saying she CAN NOT believe he eats what he eats! I am a girl who will eat ANYTHING...Wish I did not like a few things! ;)