Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Weekend Away...

Thanks to Michael's WONDERFUL bosses, we were able to spend this past weekend in the Crescent City! We haven't been out of town since our New York trip last December, so we were really looking forward to a weekend away. We were excited about the Audubon Zoo and Aquarium (not quite as huge as it seemed as a child), shopping on Magazine Street, and (of course) eating some really good food. It was a quick yet delightful trip...

First Stop: Audubon Zoo

This reminded me of my job...

This reminded me of my husband...

(only kidding...sort of)

Friday Dinner: Brennan's
They had a great four course dinner special that we really enjoyed.

Everyone told us that we should have eaten breakfast here instead of dinner Then I explain that I cannot even begin to get close to an egg without throwing up in my mouth...and that my reaction is especially bad before noon.
Plus who wouldn't love a fried dough ball with powered sugar on it for breakfast anyway?? That sounds much better to me...

Saturday Breakfast: Cafe du Monde

Saturday Lunch: Guys Po-boys
We ate with our friends/past co-worker Hannah and Jason who have recently moved to NOLA.

Their house is just precious...

After some GREAT shopping on Magazine Street...
we went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

Saturday Dinner: Emeril's Delmonico

What an IMPRESSIVE restaurant. I cannot even begin to explain how beautiful and yummy this place was.

I was blown away with my non-seafood loving sweety's choice for an appetizer...lump crab cake. Every time I would question his food selection by saying, " you know what's in that?" He would sarcastically respond with, "Well, I am trying to expand my palette!!" Maybe he really does read my blog?!?!

I had lamb meatballs...perfection!!!

We both had fillets for our entree followed by what I would like to call heaven in a ramekin a.k.a. Chocolate Creme Brulee
What a wonderful weekend with an even more wonderful husband...I love him SOOOOO much!