Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lilly is 5 Months Old...

Sweet Lilly,
You are FIVE months old now! I cannot believe you are almost half way to your first birthday! I've had many people tell me how fast these years will fly, and they are so right! Here's what you've been up to this month...

You started eating baby food this month, and Mommy and Daddy have been impressed with how much you love it! You eat apples, pears, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

(this was your first bite of sweet potatoes...your expression is priceless! wonder who you get your sassy attitude from??)

You love to drive your pink Mustang GT convertible. I think your favorite thing is being able to see Chaucer and touch him. He follows you everywhere you drive!

Bath time has gotten A LOT more difficult because you are becoming more mobile. You think its hilarious to roll over in the tub and splash!

We had a little mini photo shoot, and you were SO busy talking and laughing that we didn't get many great pictures. You literally talk non-stop now. Our favorite thing is when you get SO excited and you close your eyes so tight and just squeal. It is absolutely precious!

You got your second set of shots this month, and you did GREAT! You couldn't stop staring at your glittery band-aids on your sweet little legs.
You weigh 15 pounds, and are 25 and 1/2 inches long.

You went for your first swim and HATED it, but you sure looked precious in your swimsuit!

You LOVE going to church, and you are usually SO well behaved, but you had your first meltdown in the church nursery this month. They paged us in church, and Daddy went first to try to calm you down. It wasn't working so he called Mommy to come get you! You were fine. I think they just waited too long to feed you, and you LOST it!

You are still sleeping SO well. You take one 3-4 hour nap during the day, and you sleep about 12-14 hours at night. Mommy and Daddy are SO blessed!
You wear a size 2 diaper now, but when this package runs out, we are upgrading to size 3 because they are starting to look like bikini bottoms on you!
You wear 6-9 month clothes now! Daddy has banned Mommy from buying any more clothes for you!

Who knew you could bring such joy to our lives. You are a true gift from God, Lilly and we are SO thankful that He chose us to be your parents. What a huge responsibility and blessing wrapped into one cute little rolly package! We love you more than you will EVER know! Happy FIVE months!
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