Saturday, June 6, 2009

Winsty Saturday...sleeping with Daddy

I know that I originally said that I would post a funny picture/story about Winston every Wednesday, but I have come across too many cute ones. I would have to spread them out over way too many weeks for you to care. So, I will just post a cute picture or two and short description every day or two to speed this process along. I know that you are so sick of reading about Winston, but I the only way I can not be a total blubbery mess is to think about all of the sweet/funny memories we have with him. So, I promise not to drag this out for a miserable amount of time, but for right now, it is good therapy to remember my Sweet Winsty in this manner...

Winston loved both of us very much, but it was pretty obvious that he liked Michael the most. I'm OK with that because I originally had to beg (yes, cry and plead) Michael to let us get Winston, and Michael ended up falling head over hills in love with Winston..more than I ever though possible. Here are a few cute pictures of Winston and Michael sleeping in the chair together or laying on the floor together. I love these...they are so sweet.


Alyson said...

I LOVE these pics!!
Thank you for sharing.
I have been praying for you and Michael and will continue...
What a special dog!
SO many of my friends "know" Winston from pics I sent them and I talk about Winston "My Cousin-dog" all the time.
He put smiles on the faces of people who had never gotten to meet him!!