Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Winsty Thursday...Wrap Up...

OK, I think it's time to bring this series of posts to an end. I know that you are so tired of looking at pictures of Winston that are only special to us. So, in this final post, I will include some of our most favorite pictures of our beautiful dog.
We may have been a little biased, but we thought Winston was the most beautiful one in his litter. He was the first one born, biggest puppy, and we know that it was meant for us to be his parents, becuase when we contacted the breeder, he was the only male still available. He brought more joy to Michael and me than we could ever imagine, and although I am very sad everytime I walk by his favorite places to lay throughout the house, I know that we will see our Winston again one day. As far as I am concerned, he can destory every bed that exists in heaven. Here are some of our most favorite pictures of our sweety...

I still miss my baby so much. I was checking my email last night at work, and our sweet breeder, Wendy, had emailed me some pictures that she took of Winston before he came to live with us. I began to tear up, and I had to just shut the computer down and walk off...I was quickly losing it. I still sob like a baby everytime I blog about him. That is one reason I am choosing to end the posts about Winston. So, please pray for Michael and me as we contuniue to (somewhat stupidly) grieve. Our house is still so quiet. Some people probably think we have lost our mind, but they are the ones that never met our Winston.
We know that there will be more bulldogs in the future. As a matter of fact, the only thing that makes us happy is to talk about another one. We have already decided on names...Chaucer (male) or Penelope (female). It may be a while, but hopefully the next dog picture I post will be of a new puppy...
I want to say one last thank you to all of our family and friends that have called, texted, emailed, blogged, sent facebook messages, made donations in memory of Winston, offered to bring food, and sent cards and flowers. You are all so very special to us, and each kind thought or word has meant so much to us. God has truly blessed Michael and me with the most wonerful family and friends. We would not be who we are today without all of them. You all have made this terrible time a little easier. Our prayer has always been to be the type of friend that you all have been to us. Thanks again for listening to us babble about our precious Winsty Baby everytime we were around you.


Alyson said...

Hi Jamie!!
Do not apologize for being sad!
You love your dog. He was your friend and a part of your family.
I STILL miss Lennox and it was YEARS ago. I can tell you all the weird things about how I still feel connected to him when we are together...No need to make your friends think your cousin is CRAZY! The ONLY thing that really helped Jeremy and I fill that void was 2 new pups :) I say GO FOR IT as soon as you are ready! I was not sure I was ready when we got them. After they had been in our home a day I wished we had not waited so long!!
See you soon,

Brittany said...

It is not stupid to grieve!! Losing a pet is hard, especially when you know how loyal they have been to you. You know how much I love dogs and Winston was no exception to this rule. I know I will always have a dog because they bring so much joy to my life. Take all the time you need but the best way to feel that void is to get a pup! ;) Winston was one of a kind for sure! Dog are TRULY man's (and woman's) best friend!