Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

I have always been rather obsessed with Christmas, and if you visited my house anytime between November 20th to January 1st, you would not argue with that statement.  I love to celebrate Jesus' birth by decorating, buying gifts, and spending time with family and friends, but for some reason this year seemed different.  I had so many new things to celebrate:  my new last name, my new home, my new puppy, but I just couldn't manage to get my act together.  I have concluded that it is because I am a member of the "working world" now.  So long to the 5 to 6 week break that college offered.  I still had a wonderful Christmas with Michael, family, and friends, and I am so very thankful for the whole reason that we celebrate...Jesus! 


Here are some pictures from our busy December...

Rockefeller Center
Lady Lib

our hotel...The Mansfield

FAO Schwartz

Time Square

Winston opening his new bed from Grandaddy and Mawmaw

he was promising me that he wouldn't destroy this one...

Sound asleep on his new bed...

our home all decorated

Christmas festivities wear Winston OUT!!!

Riding around the house in Daddy's new wheel barrow that Santa brought

Michael and Baby Claire

Everyone got a little piece of NYC for Christmas

and this is what we found New Year's Eve morning...this is why I need medication!!!!!!
but how can you punish someone that looks at you like this???

I hope that your Christmas was as happy as ours.  I can't wait to see what changes will take place by Christmas 2009!!!