Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winston's New Favorite Toy...Courtesy of Jeremy and Alyson!!

Winston got so many toys for Christmas!! In order to make them "live" longer and keep him excited about each one, we gave him a new toy every few days...usually after he had destroyed the previous one!! The toy in the videos below came from our cousins Jeremy and Alyson. It is a ball made from a tire material with a jingle ball inside. I was very excited about this toy because it looked like it may be durable enough to stay around more than a few days. Little did I know that it would keep him occupied as well. I thought at first that he really liked it, but now I have decided that his mission is to KILL IT!!! Too bad it's so durable :(

In the following videos, you will see that he has two strategies:
Burying and Smothering

I tried to make the videos as short as possible! Thanks Jer and Aly for the is the most entertaining one yet :)



Alyson said...

We love reading about Winston!
We are so happy to see he loves his toy.
I like him "smothering" it the best! :) Too fun!
Oh, and VERY happy to see his bed is still with us.
Aly and Jer