Wednesday, January 14, 2009

HAHA! Too fun!!!

Ok...I have been "tagged" in the Blogosphere.  Let me explain...  Amy, Michael's (and mine, really) cousin tagged me in her most recent blog.  At first I was confused, but I then discovered that this was a fun little activity.  
The instructions stated to go to your pictures, open the 6th folder, and upload the 6th picture, and tag 6 people to do the same.  

This was my 6th picture: 
If my calculations are correct, this was New Year's Eve 3 years ago.  We celebrated at our friends Jennifer and JP Martin's apartment.  Some eventful "happenings" included:  grilling hamburgers - well, attempting to grill, but the guys said something was wrong with the grill so I think we ended up at the McAlister's in Byram.  Then, we shot fireworks, and probably damaged every car in the apartment complex with our "glitter twitter" sparklers.  
I remember more about that night then I thought I would.  Now we are a little more grown up...Michael and I are married, JP and Jennifer have a beautiful new home and how time flies.

Ok, I am tagging the following people to do this same activity...NO CHEATING!!!

I'm sorry wasn't my intention to include you in this activity, but I don't have many friends in the blogosphere!!!!!


Anonymous said...

hmm... this seems a lot like those email forwards where if you don't forward to 10 people you'll die or if you don't send this ridiculously cheesy "christian" email to everyone of your contacts than you really don't love Jesus.

I think I'll sit this one out & just wait for the bad luck to strike.

Alyson said...

How fun!
You did it!!!
:) ALY